Hathor, Goddess of Pleasure


When you come to me
I take your spirit
from the stars
and clothe it
in a body of sensation
to finely focus you on form
to benignly bask you in bliss
You are here to experience delight
enjoy gratification
know satisfaction
have pleasure
in all ways
in all modes
in all aspects.
Pleasure makes you juicy
twinkles your eyes
enlivens your life force
The exquisiteness of existence
is pleasure
Get ready to feel so good

The Mythology

Hathor (pronounced hat’hor), though depicted in many forms was mainly associated with the winged cow of creation. As birth and death Goddess, she was credited with creating the body for the immortal spirit to reside in. As creator of the body, she also governed all bodily pleasures: sound, music, song, dance, art, love, and touch. It was said that she attended the birth of every child and revealed the pattern of its destiny. She was worshipped in Egypt for more than 3,000 years.

The Lessons of this Goddess

Hathor is here to tell you that the way to wholeness for you lies in connecting with what brings you pleasure and in experiencing pleasure. Have you been taught that pleasure is forbidden, something sinful or evil? Are you so busy fulfilling your commitments that pleasure is relegated to the bottom of your list? Do you deny pleasure in order to get work done? STOP! Time to change all that. Pleasure relieves stress and relaxes and refreshes you. Pleasure is the body’s way of expressing health and vitality. Pleasure is the oil that keeps you lubricated and lush. The Goddess says that since you have chosen to be here in a physical body, you might as well enjoy it. Don’t wait for others to fulfill this need. Plan to give yourself pleasure daily and you’ll find satisfaction dancing in you life.


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