Sunday 21st June 2009 ~ Waning Crescent Moon in Gemini

I wanted to write something about the lovely Litha Sabbat ritual I experienced on Friday night. Although I love all the Sabbats I think Litha is one of my most favourite. I think this is because it is midsummer and there is so much energy and good weather about; everything is growing lush and green and flowers are blooming. It’s an exciting and exhilarating time of year. However, there is also something poignant about it as Litha marks the onset of the waning half of the year and the reign of the Holly King and the wolf once again.

Pre-ritual I was so excited and the chat room was so positive with a great deal of wonderful happy energy flowing in it – I could really feel it! It is so lovely when I can feel this amount of positive and warm energy. The meditation seemed a little comical at first, what with emerald green dragons and being transported to faery land but in fact it was a meditation filled with optimism and hope and really lent itself to the fellowship we all enjoy here at Sacred Mists. I have to say that because I was so excited I found it difficult to relax into the meditation despite grounding and centering. I was filled with expectant energy.

Lady Raven cast the circle in the names of our patron deities – Cernunnos and Cerridwen, and I thought this was fitting as these two deities always seem to me extremely nature orientated. Obviously I know Cernunnos is a nature god but also I think Cerridwen is such also as she transformed herself into so many animals while chasing Gwidion when he supped at the brew from her cauldron. Plus she chased him through the elements, which to me are also very much linked with the natural world.

I especially like the way Lady Raven called the Quarters starting from the South and the element of fire. I thought this was especially fitting seeing as it is Litha and south is the place of the Sun and fire. After the Quarters were called she invoked the generic God and Goddess as Lord of the Sun, Forest Father, Lord of Fertility and Green Forest Mother, Meadow Mother. These were wonderful titles to confer on the Lord and Lady – rich in visual feeling, these names reminded me of being in the countryside or in a forest on a warm summer’s day with the gentle breeze blowing and the birds singing in the trees. A feeling of bounty and plenty.

The ritual was in three parts – a rededication ceremony, which I always love participating in. This really strengthens my bond with my brothers and sisters here in the Mists, and my vows of loyalty to the God and Goddess and to Sacred Mists itself. It reinforces my aim to stay on my spiritual path in service to the Goddess and the God, and also that I am on the right path for me.

The second part was the blessing of our pets and familiars, which I took part in even though I hadn’t actually got a charm to attach to my cats’ collars. But it was special as they are both important and very much loved members of my family.

The third part was the blessing of magickal jewellery, of which I have such a lot. This year I was a little more discerning and only blessed a few special pieces and the ones I wear most often – my pagan charm bracelet, my pentacle pendant, my Chrysocolla goddess pendant and my pentacle ring.

The whole ritual left me feeling very special and really in tune with the God and Goddess and in touch with my brothers and sisters. I had so much energy in me that I actually had a hard time grounding after the ritual and it took a little while for me to settle down. But it was such a wonderful ritual and I enjoyed every minute of it.



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