Friday 10th June 2009 ~ Litha 2009

Just dropping by my own journal to update a little. One of my cherished furbabies Slippers (the momma) escaped last night and I’ve only just found her with the help of Elendil. She snuck out really quick as I took the trash out late last night and just disappeared. I spent all the rest of last night calling her and trying to find her with no success. So this afternoon, after Elendil had returned from her boyfriend’s she and I went out again. Fortunately we found her crouched under a neighbour’s bush in her front yard, scared and not willing to come out by herself. So we had to gently winkle her out. Now she is safely back home although she was covered in pollen when she came in. I am so thankful to Elendil for helping me and to the God and Goddess for seeing that she was returned safely to us. I really was beginning to panic because our old Tom (Minnim) went the same way; went out one morning and never returned. I think slippers just went out to explore (being an inside cat the call of the wild is always strong) but got spooked and went to ground.

Anyway, I’ve got my moon time right now too, which is not helping me – feeling rather sick and the tummy pain is strong. Thank goodness for the wonderful healing herbs the Goddess provides. I always feel yukky at this time of the month, and very, very tired and grouchy.

Still, it is a lovely sunny day, although a bit breezy making it feel rather cool. I had intended to go out today but what with Slipper’s escapade and my moon time I haven’t. I’m intending to get my Litha altar ready and perhaps do some Historical Paganism study done. Then Elendil and I are going to attend the early Litha ritual at Sacred Mists tonight. I’m looking forward to it as it is one of my most favourite Sabbats. The wheel of the year turns yet again and this time back into the waning half of the year. The Holly King now holds sway, as does the wolf. It is an exhilarating time but also poignant as winter looms in a few months. But this time I won’t be so sad because my dearest Meadowhawk is coming over again in time for Yule and it will be fantastic.



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