Thoughts on the Lascaux Caves

I am totally in awe of these beautiful cave paintings. I think they really surpass even a lot of modern art. There is a power in them, power, life and energy. Pre-historic man was certainly skilled. They even have perspective! And they did all this by the light of a torch or flame. They are magnificent.

I’m not sure that the image that has been labelled a ‘unicorn’ is in fact one. For one thing there are two horns, not one, and although they are not curved they still remind me of the bison shown. This painting really just looks like a bison with straight horns and perhaps it was. The cave painter drew and painted from what was around him or her. Maybe he/she had seen a bison with strangely straight horns.

Art was obviously important to them and they invested a lot of time and effort in this work. The materials, methods and tools they used show this. This shows they appreciated art just as much as we do today. They derived pleasure from it and perhaps it led them to an inner world just as contemplating art does for us today.

This all just reinforces for me the conclusion that our ancient ancestors were intelligent people, skilled and thoughtful in their ways. They were not much different from us were they?



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