Thursday 11th June 2009 ~ Waning Gibbous Moon in Aquarius

I’ve just been given access to the Historical Paganism course forum. Wow! I’m so excited. I a little spot of synchronicity last night I came across a website called The Temple Of The Goddess (a coven and circle working out of San Francisco in California) and I downloaded their handbook as it looked really interesting. I began reading the beginning and it went into ancient prehistoric beliefs. The information is going to be useful for my first lesson.

So I’ve introduced myself and set up my course diary but I want to focus on Lesson 10 today as this is on my mind a lot.

I’m feeling the need to have some solitary time but it’s hard because Elendil has her boyfriend staying for a couple of days. not that I mind but it does come at a time when I do feel this need to be solitary. I think I’m going to do the house work and go sit in the garden for a while.

My back garden! It’s so wild and over grown but I like it this way. I have huge patches of willowherb growing and vetch too. Plus many insects and moths. Today I’ve seen the ever present Cinnabar moth. Now if my garden was all trimmed to within an inch of its life this moth wouldn’t be here. It is so very attractive as you can see here in this picture:

Cinnabar Moth

Cinnabar Moth

If the grass was cut I would lose them as they like to live and breed in long grass, and the grass is very long now, lush, green and at least knee high. I know there are many other animals and insects living in the garden and I really don’t want to disturb them. I don’t care if my garden is unsightly to human eyes; I know the animals that live there love it and that’s all that matters to me.



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