Monday 8th June 2009 ~ Full Moon in Sagittarius

Today I drew the rune EHWAZ (horse) which is the rune of trust and loyalty & teamwork. This theme of trust is uppermost in my mind at present…not just trusting my family (Meadowhawk and Elendil) but the God and Goddess and the Universe. I have had a lot of difficulty in the past with issues of trust, being unable to trust those near and dear to me because they let me down. I find it hard to trust, not because I don’t want to do so but because it seems unnatural for me to do so. My hard wired brain automatically doubts but I need to be able to trust in order to develop both spiritually and emotionally…it is hard. I think trusting requires some risk taking and I feel ready to do so. I also believe that trusting will help me not worry so much about the future and help me be in the present moment more. I’m going to bring this theme of trust up in therapy tomorrow.

Yesterday I did a reading for myself using the Druid Plant Oracle and the Brighid’s Cross spread. My question was How can I achieve balance in mind body and spirit? This is what was revealed:

Card 1 – Betony (upright)
Healing my own inner wounds/conflicts. Using clear communication. Honesty and less victimisation will lead to resolving these inner wounds and conflicts.

Card 2 – Madder (upright)
Inner strength needed to face difficulties and endurance. Well I know all about inner strength but sometimes I doubt myself so that’s where trust comes in – trusting myself.

Card 3 – Chamomile (reversed)
Focus on my reactions to stress and not on the source of it.

Card 4 – Meadowsweet (upright)
Celebrate changes and transitions and be grateful for blessings. Show my gratefulness in tangible ways.

Card 5 – The Restorers (upright)
Take time to restore balance. This means taking time out from my work/mundane life to focus on spiritual things. Meditation, going out for walks more etc.

Card 6 – Cuckoo Pint (reversed)
Feelings of inner disharmony/imbalance, so I need to integrate male/female aspects of myself more. There is something in the 1st Degree lessons about this so I need to look back at them.

Card 7 – Woad (upright)
Give full expression to my creativity. What is my creativity? Use the energy of the Warrior to achieve this. May mean me being more single-minded and using my inner strength. Do not allow my creativity to be stifled by others’ needs and my own doubts.

Card 8 – Puffball (reversed)
Humility in all that I do – being teachable.

Card 9 – Celtic Bean (reversed)
Remember I cannot be perfect. Be who I am! This brings up the theme of trust again…trusting myself more.

I think this reading was helpful in providing insights I’d not considered. It certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. Trust seems to be a major issue with me at the moment.



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