Friday 29th May 2009 ~ Waxing Crescent Moon in Leo

Such a busy week and it’s gone so fast. Next Tuesday Meadowhawk has to go back to the US and I am beginning to feel panicky and very sad but I’m not going to think about that…stay in the moment Deep~Glade!

I just thought I’d post some photos of our trip to Bluewater today. Let me explain…Bluewater is a shopping mall not far from me and built in an old disused gravel pit. It is quite a large one (well by English standards anyway) and Meadowhawk wanted to go check it out…goodness knows why but we had a cool trip there and fun too. I don’t think he was too impressed with it and I can completely understand that…after all a mall is a mall is a mall. It’s a lovely warm sunny day and while we waited for the bus to go home I took some photos with my phone. So bear in mind that these photos were taken with my phone and we were sitting underneath a bus shelter, hence the funny colour. But it’s Meadowhawk’s facial expressions that just crack me up. He always makes me scream with laughter.

bluewaterMay 2009 013

Me trying to stick my tongue in Meadowhawk’s ear.

May 2009 006 bluewater

Me succeeding to stick my tongue in his ear…look at that face!!!

May 2009 007 bluewater

I was trying to take a photo of both of us but he would keep pulling silly faces…he’s soooo goofy!

May 2009 012 bluewater

Another goofy Meadowhawk pic…that guy is hardly ever sensible…LOL

bluewaterMay 2009 014

Finally I get the pic I want…awwww don’t we both look sweet together

May 2009 008 bluewater

Meadowhawk after his trip to Bluewater

We had a really fun time together…as we always do.

Tomorrow we are going to Sevenoaks Knoll Park which is about 200 acres of woodland and grassland with deer. I’m so looking forward to it and taking some more pictures.

By the way…if you’re wondering why Meadowhawk hasn’t posted any photos yet, it’s because they are all on his camera and he’s going to post some when he gets home. However, bear in mind he has all the sensible ones…LOL But he is a fantastic photographer and the ones he took of Highgate Cemetery are so good.

Bright Blessings


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