Sunday 24th May 2009 ~ New Moon in Gemini

Today is lazy day although I do still have to write the Oracle Study chat for tonight…LOL I’m sore and aching from all the walking we did yesterday and have horrible blisters on my feet….achy is the word! Yesterday me and Meadowhawk had a really good day though, we went into London. Our aim was to go to Highgate Cemetery which is a famous cemetery in the north of London and was opened before Victorian times, so it’s old and has quite a few famous people buried there including the founder of Communism Karl Marx. Going up to London we hit masses (hundreds) of very loud football fans going the same way. Apparently there was a big match at Wembley Stadium and the crowds were enormous. It was very embarrassing because these football fans are LOUD and I don’t think Meadowhawk has experienced anything like it before. I kind of felt ashamed to be English but that’s what they’re like here…football is a BIG game here and the fans go mad.

When we got to London the tube access was a mass of people and there was also a problem with the tube line we wanted to get on to. Apparently someone had thrown themselves under a train further down the line and there were delays. So we decided to walk to Buckingham Palace so Meadowhawk could get some photos. We also hadn’t realised that Changing of the Queen’s Guard was going on and the crowds were again massive. There must have been hundreds of people there…maybe a thousand even and we just could not see anything. It’s a real shame because Meadowhawk would have been able to get some great shots if we’d been able to see anything. There were the guards in their bright red uniforms and bearskin hats.

So we decided to go on to Highgate Cemetery and by the time we got back down into the underground the crowds had thinned somewhat and the trains were at least running northbound, which was the direction we wanted to go. I now think Meadowhawk is an expert in finding his way around the tube system…LOL

Highgate Cemetery was magnificent…very overgrown and very mysterious and so peaceful. It is also a place of ecological importance with many rare birds and flowers growing amongst the tombs and graves. The tombs and graves are so unusual and Meadowhawk got lots of great pictures. We had to have a tour as they don’t allow you to walk around on your own but we would have loved to have wandered around the wooded paths on our own. Never mind, it was still a great experience and I think Meadowhawk was very pleased.

Then we went into a nearby park to eat our lunch. By this time we were hungry and I also needed a rest. After that we made our way back to Victoria and decided to go back to Buckingham Palace, By this time the crowds had gone and Meadowhawk got his pictures. Luckily we were able to get on a train straight away back to Swanley.

So we were tired when we got home at about 6pm. I fell asleep in the bath and Meadowhawk had to wake me up as he was worried about me drowning (isn’t he sweet and caring). We had a dinner of fried bacon and pancakes, which was very yummy.

I’m going to let Meadowhawk post some pictures of Highgate as he took them.

Right now he is asleep on the sofa…aww…he is so sweet 🙂

I forgot to mention that on Friday night we did a New Moon ritual together, all of us – Elendil, Meadowhawk and I. It was very special even though I was a little nervous about performing in front of Meadowhawk for the first time. But I felt the Goddess with us strongly and it all went well and both Elendil and Meadowhawk said they really enjoyed it. We decided to write a goal we could manifest between now and the next new moon. Medowhawk and I walked to the local park on Saturday to collect Beech leaves for the incense and spell work. Beech leaves for success in goals. Other ingredients we used was ginger root, red sandalwood and frankincense (for wishes, success and spirituality). We individually wrote our goal on parchment paper and then folded it and put some of the herbs into it and then folded the paper again and then set each package alight, watching the smoke and flames take our goals to be manifested into the universe.

Bright Blessings


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