Sunday 17th May 2009 ~ Third Quarter Moon in Aquarius

Oh happy day…my Meadowhawk is here. I feel so HAPPY!!!!!! No pictures as yet, well I have two but they’re on my phone right now and I’ve not put them on the computer yet. Anyhow, yesterday me and Elendil got up at 4.30am to get ready to meet him from Heathrow Airport. We had to leave early and get the train to Victoria Station in London and then two underground trains to the airport itself. I’m VERY proud of myself because it was VERY busy and yet I stayed calm and didn’t lose it or have a panic attack. I stayed grounded throughout until the moment we sat sitting in the airport lounge waiting for Meadowhawk to come through the doors. Then I felt so darn excited I could hardly breathe…the anticipation was overwhelming and I was really nervous too.

And there he was….coming through the doors with a big grin on his face. He spied us straight away and we hugged each other so tight…and kissed…it was so natural, it felt so right. He and Elendil hugged and we were like one big happy family…it truly felt so real and so wonderful. Meadowhawk is EVERYTHING I anticipated and much more.

That’s when I lost it a bit and as we were walking out I practically walked right into a wall. Well, actually it was because I couldn’t take my eyes off Meadowhawk and so wasn’t really looking where I was going. Of course we all had to laugh at that it was so funny. Poor Meadowhawk was soooo tired. He was practically a zombie after having been awake for well over 24 hours solid (he couldn’t sleep on the plane and had a 3 hour bus drive before that). So when we got home he had a nice shower and then we just chilled for the rest of the day but finally he just needed to go to bed so we went up around 8pm…although we didn’t get to sleep straight away 😉 hee hee.

Today we’ve taken things easy too because poor Meadowhawk’s back has been really hurting him. We went for a walk this afternoon over to the local park and saw the ducks and geese on the lake. It is so cool because we also saw goslings and baby ducks…they are so so very sweet. We also saw a lovely heron although I’m not sure what species…kind of blue grey wings. We are going to go back with some bread for the ducks and geese on a better day as today it’s been rather windy and rainy. Then we just strolled around the park looking at the various trees and identifying them. I’ve realised that Meadowhawk knows more about trees than I do…darn it…LOL On the way home Elendil and I took him to see this oak tree which is approx 500 years old.

So all is well here but unfortunately my furbabies are not very happy. They keep throwing up and we think it’s because they are just very nervous of Meadowhawk being here. Both of them are keeping a very low profile and are really just hiding away until dinner time, when they come out for a few minutes to eat. But I suppose it will take some while for them to get used to him as there hasn’t been a man about the house before, not for a very long time anyway.

Tomorrow we are going for about a 15 mile walk and I am looking forward to it but I expect Meadowhawk and Elendil will both have to carry me back as I’m not quite as fit as they are. They both walk really fast too whereas I’m a slower walker.

Soon I hope to post some pictures, so keep checking back.



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