Deep~Glade’s Seed Project Update 3rd May 2009

Just thought I’d update you on my Borage plants, which although still seedlings, are coming along very nicely now. They have their third sets of leaves just coming through and are looking healthy. It’s amazing but they already have hairy leaves. The only thing is the stems seem a bit droopy. Meadowhawk suggested me lightly propping them up with cocktail sticks so I’m going to try this but first have to go buy the sticks…LOL


Another update on Elendil Star’s Mint seedlings. Well they have at last germinated but are teeny tiny and you can hardly see them, which has surprised me a bit because I didn’t expect them to be so small considering how invasive Mint gets. I’m hoping to post a picture when they get a bit bigger.

Bright Blessings


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