Saturday May 2nd 2009 ~ Waxing Gibbous Moon in Leo

I attended the Sacred Mists Beltane Sabbat last night and it was wonderful, so much energy and love. I found the meditation to be really good, self empowering and it helped to really set the mood for the ritual itself. I really thought the way Lady Raven called the quarters and invoked the appropriate deities to be unusual but it really worked well; different but great. She performed the symbolic Great Rite but with the visualisation of the May Pole (the God) entering the ground (the Goddess) and I really liked this.

However, again I found the actual ritual to go way too fast. There was just not enough time to read and absorb the words and get their full meaning and this really detracted from the enjoyment of the ritual – for me any way. It is such a shame because LR’s choice of words and everything else was perfect but was ruined by the pace of the ritual which was way too fast for me. I had barely got through reading the words when the Ritual Response Leader answered and everyone then replied with their So Mote It Be or Blessed Be. The screen scrolled up really fast and I lost my place completely. It is such a shame.

Apart from that it was great, the energy astounding and I was left feeling really energised, empowered and strengthened.

Bright Blessings


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