Friday May 1st 2009 ~ Beltane

So much has been happening and I’m getting all excited. Elendil and I have finally finished our spring cleaning – YAY! Elendil has really helped and supported me in all this and I’m so grateful to her for all her hard work. The house feels so much lighter and fresher now. All that remains is for me to cleanse and bless but I feel I’m going to wait until the dark moon for this. I know that it might not be something others do but I feel intuitively that I should wait and do it at this time.

Yesterday was spent moving some furniture about and Elendil gave me a really nice TV stand that I can use as an altar. It is a lot bigger than my original one and has draws and a glass cabinet underneath it, wonderful! I cleansed it and anointed it and now have set up my altar facing east this time in keeping with Sacred Mists tradition. Not that my old altar, which faced north was wrong, but now I have the opportunity to change things around a bit and it feels right. I can now set my altar up just how I want it with more tools on it that I didn’t have room for before. It looks really nice and I’m very pleased with it.

The seeds we planted for the Druid Plant activity are coming along nicely, at least my Borage is, but Elendil’s mint is still very tiny so I’m not quite sure what’s up with that but at least it is growing. The borage now has well formed second stage leaves and seems to be growing like a ‘weed’…LOL A little while ago my friend gave me some Feverfew and Valerian, which I have in pots outside and they are growing great too. Talking of plants, I noticed in right in the middle of my back garden I have a clump of plants growing with really pretty pink flowers on them. I’m not sure what these plants are but I suspect they are of the Willowherb species. I’m going to do an online search to see if I can identify them. The Rose Bay Willowherb by my back door is really growing like a triffid now and I’m looking forward to that flowering too. I know some would think I’ve only got weeds in my back yard but to me they are flowers and have a right to be there. After all, a weed is only a plant in the wrong place and my plants are all in the right place for them – they grow where they like, so they’re not weeds.

The count down is on for Meadowhawk’s visit – only 15 more days to go now and I’m so excited! I am so looking forward to meeting him, being with him and sharing a couple of weeks with the man I love so dearly. Of course I’d love it for it to be longer (preferably forever) but I feel so blessed by the Goddess to just have this time with him. He is also coming over for longer at Yule so that will be wonderful. I really feel the Goddess in our relationship and know that he and I are meant to be. We seem to compliment each other so well. Of course we are not exactly the same and have our differences but that is a good thing. We have different views on some things but that helps each of us to see from a different perspective and that’s wonderful. But we are the same in many ways too, especially our beliefs. This is important to me because although we are on our own individual paths we are at least going in the same direction, with so much in common. I think this makes it a lot easier in a relationship. So all this is a wonderful blessing also.

When I look at my life I have so much abundance – ok I may not have much money (hardly any actually) but I am blessed with so much else…a wonderful and supportive daughter who is a true blessing, a loving and kind (and very funny) partner who I feel so comfortable with, a nice comfortable home with gas, electricity and running water, cupboards with enough food to eat – not overflowing but just enough, a wonderful spiritual family here at Sacred Mists, my furbabies who nurture me in their own feline ways. A wild garden filled with interesting things to see, plants, insects and just the other day my neighbour spied a tiny lizard…how cool is that! But most of all an abundance of love and genuine support and that is the most important thing.



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