Friday 24th April 2009 ~ Waning Crescent Moon in Pisces

It’s been a few days since I wrote in here. Quite a bit going on actually and I’ve not been feeling at all well. I have a big problem with my gall bladder. I’m not sure if it’s now infected but I do have gall stones and am suffering from severe pain, which is made a lot worse from certain foods I eat. So I’m spending a lot of time trying to discern the types of food that trigger the pain and avoid them in my diet. Not easy though. There’s not much the doctor says he can do so I’m drinking Liver Detox tea regularly (my own blend made from Agrimony, Comfrey, Milk Thistle and Betony). This seems to help a lot but doesn’t really get rid of the griping pain if I eat something I shouldn’t. I know that stress brings on the pain quite considerably so am trying to keep that to a minimum. Not doing so badly I think. However, this problem is causing me to be very tired most of the time for some reason – what’s new there? LOL Anyway, I am at last able to resume me healing on the healing board and this I am glad of.

Elendil Star has been a HUGE help and support and is really coming on in leaps and bounds. She is a lot more positive now after her traumatic event, although I know this is still in her mind and she still needs to work through it but on a day-to-day basis she is much improved and I am so glad and so very proud of her.

Meadowhawk too is a huge support and I don’t know where I’d be without him. He kind of keeps me sane and helps me to stay calm when I begin to ‘go off on one’. Suffice to say that now I’m using a new affirmation/phrase to help me stay calm. When I’m confronted with things that usually make me agitated or anxious and lead me to lose my inner calm I just say ‘In the Grand Scheme of Things…these things don’t matter’. This helps me to focus on the bigger picture and it’s really working too. I feel much less stressed out.

On Wednesday Elendil and I bought Meadowhawk’s air ticket for his visit to England on May 15th. It was a scream as it took us 3 hours to actually buy it (or rather Elendil bought it – bless her). All the websites we tried wouldn’t take her card for some reason so we persevered and ended up phoning Virgin Atlantic, who would take her card over the phone (but not on their website) AND we got the ticket way reduced in cost. What a wonderful blessing from the Goddess. I really did feel her hand in all this from the beginning. It just shows that when you trust in Her and persevere then you are rewarded.

So Meadowhawk is coming on the 15th but won’t actually land in England until early on the 16th May. I am SO EXCITED!!!!! We do not have much money between us but there are plenty of things we can do without the need for money. I’ve found out about quite a few nice country walks we can do. We plan on visiting the deer park in Sevenoaks, which is not far from us. We also want to make our own Ogham sets and then there is of course cooking. Meadowhawk LOVES cooking and I’m really looking forward to doing it with him and concocting all sorts of yummy things to eat. But just being with him at last will be so wonderful and such a great blessing. I’m looking forward to posting a lot of our photos in here for everyone’s giggling pleasure…LOL Of course it’s only a 2 week visit but that’s ok. He will return for longer at Yule God and Goddess willing.



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