Monday 20th April 2009 ~ Waning Crescent Moon in Aquarius

juniper-cardToday’s card picked from the Druid Plant Oracle is Juniper and the first thing I thought of was cleansing, which is appropriate because for most of today Elendil and me have been frantically spring cleaning our house. Of course this is outer cleansing and although it is very important to cleanse ourselves and our environment outwardly I keep thinking about my need for inner cleansing. Especially when one is beginning something new whatever that may be. Inside I feel rather yukky and clogged with old energy that is harming me spiritually. So I feel this is a wake up call for me to do some inner cleansing. I’ve been thinking about how to do this, especially in light of a previous post about my ex and the man who raped Elendil. These two men are affecting me badly with harmful energy, or rather perhaps my anger towards them is harming me. Either way I need to cleanse myself of this before I can carry on with anything magickal.

When I read Christopher Penczak’s book The Witches Shield he talked about binding spells and how these are appropriate with regard to the Rede and the Law of Karma. In a binding spell one is not asking harm on the person involved but only to bind them to stop them having further negative influence over you or anyone else you state. I do not feel this is contrary to the Rede at all. What is wrong with asking the Universe to stop a rapist from harming another, or my ex from manipulating others further? I feel then that I will have done what I can in doing justice without actually harming them in some way. But I need to reread the chapter in Penczak’s book first because I don’t want to make any mistakes. Forethought is imperative when doing magick of any kind.



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