Thursday 16th April 2009 ~ Waning Gibbous Moon in Capricorn

plantain-cardToday as I shuffled my Druid Plant Oracle deck a card fairly jumped out at me, so I used that as my card of the day. It was the Plantain, a resilient and tenacious plant if ever there was one. But it is also a plant with many healing qualities. What really jumped out at me was its meanings of calmness, resilience, healing and strength and these are qualities I need so much in my life right now. Definitely calmness, especially when things aren’t going exactly as planned. To be honest I find it hard to change plans once they’re made but I know that flexibility is important. We have had to postpone Meadowhawk’s visit here for a couple of weeks because of work commitments. Really this is no big deal and is better for him. At first I was upset and got very anxious, allowing negative thoughts into my thinking. But now, after calming down and thinking about the situation I am a lot happier because he will be happier. This is a problem I have though – blowing things up out of all proportion when all I need to do is stay calm. And how to stay calm? BREATHE & GROUND.

Now, to me resilience is like a rubber band being stretched. But a rubber band can break if over stretched. So what to do here? Be aware of my boundaries and exercise assertiveness when needed. I am pretty much aware of my boundaries these days but I’m not always aware of my psychological ‘buttons’. If they are pushed I can really lose it for a little while. So I need to sit and consider what they are. I know perceived abandonment is a big one with me, which stems from my childhood. Also loss of control. It’s not that I want to control situations or people but rather the feeling that I have no control over myself. The result is that I get angry. I think again that what this card is telling me is to BREATHE & GROUND. Be nearer the earth and draw my power and strength from the earth and from deep inside me rather than be blown about by my own emotions and irrational thinking.

So I really need to spend some time in grounding myself through meditation and just stopping what I’m doing throughout the day to ground and center and breathe.



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