plant oracleThursday 9th April 2009 ~ Full Moon in Libra

heather-cardYesterday I drew Heather from the Druid Plant Oracle deck. Heather speaks of luck, celebration and community. I was thinking earlier of my spiritual community at Sacred Mists. So much more than a pagan networking site or forum. There is so much real love and support here, genuine love and positivity even though we are a large group of witches from diverse backgrounds and personalities and circumstances. There is real caring and concern for all and even though we may be an online college and coven, I feel the bond with my brothers and sisters so strongly. We have a special glue that keeps us bonded and that glue is Love. Of course we have our differences of opinion and our bad times but we are all trying to work in the harmony of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust and it is working. The God and Goddess bless our individual and collective efforts. No matter how large or small our contributions are we are blessed.

I am proud and honoured to be a part of Sacred Mists, this large and wonderful Circle, that I can truly say is my spiritual family. We are truly cared for by the unceasing efforts and work of our High Priestess and Student Council, who give their time voluntarily to make sure our Circle runs smoothly. But each and every one of us does our part too. It is a real joy to be a part of Sacred Mists.

Sometimes it is too easy to dwell on the negative aspects of our relationships with people, especially family members. But really we need to focus on the good and wholesome aspects. There is good and bad in everything, all is in duality. Appreciate the good and positive more and let that energy shine from within you. Remember like attracts like.



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